Some Light Reading

Well we just returned from a visit to the U.S. Before we boarded the much dreaded 15 hour flight I made my usual raid of design magazines at the Hudson News store in the O’Hare International terminal. I grabbed copies of Elle Decor, Traditional Homes, and Veranda with all the intentions of reading them front to back. Instead I only managed to flip through them in the dark as not to wake my sleeping babies sitting in car seats between my husband and I. Honestly, I usually just look at the pictures anyway so it wasn’t so bad. Its always fun to see Beeline by Bunny Williams being featured in a magazine and it seems like these days she’s in just about every magazine I can put my hands on but I’m surprised none the less every time. Elle Decor and Traditional Home were highlighting some of her new lamps-Scarlet Lamp and Brushstroke Lamp. I flipped to one of the pages and stretched across the girls to show my husband. He stared at the page for awhile and finally smiled when he realized what I was excited about. Just last week he was reviewing these new lamps before sending them to Bunny’s office in New York. Its fun being a part of a great collection. It seems like just yesterday Bunny and I were visiting factories in Asia to see her samples for Collection 1.